Realtors: Earn a $400 referral fee NOW for every property you refer

AND keep your commision when they sell...

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You’ve found your investor a great property but they want to hold it for few years. How do you get the sale back at the end?

Or perhaps the market isn’t ready and your homeowner wants to lease until they get better value. After all your hard work, how can you collect the commission when it does sell?

The options aren’t always favorable to realtors...

You might lease it out as a favor, but after a year or two the owners forget you sold it to them.

You might refer it to a management company... only to lose your client to them when they sell.

So you might be tempted to manage it yourself as a way to keep in touch with the owners, however...

  • As you take on the chores of property management, you have less time to focus on your areas of expertise: finding new clients, showing properties and making sales.
  • With a deluge of legislation, laws and tenant demands, property management can fast become a burden (and a liability) if you don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it.

Earn a referral fee AND your commission:

We’ll be in touch in less than 24 hours

Or call: 480-712-1277

This is why we designed our realtor referral program.
It’s simple and works like this:

  1. Refer a property to us for management and you get $400 straight away.
  2. Your details are stored alongside the property in our database.
  3. When your client is ready to sell, (and we’re always the first to know) we contact you immediately.

You get the power of an entire property management team to look after your investor (and your commission), without any of the headaches, costs, or lost time.

Why Realtors choose Service Star Realty

First of all, we’re not sales agents. We only focus on property management, so there’s no conflict of interest when you partner with us.

This means you can earn a referral fee, focus on your business, and get your commision.

When you work with Service Star Realty you can:

  • Increase your business by selling and buying, not dealing with maintenance, accounting, tenant law, insurance, evictions, collections etc.
  • Hang your license with any broker (many brokers don’t allow agents to manage properties).
  • No longer worry about having extra E&O insurance for property management.
  • No longer have to maintain a trust account to handle client funds.
  • Reduce the risk of liability from ever-changing laws and legislation.
  • You can call on Service Star any time you have a property management question.

David - "Hi, this is David Swain, service star realty, and I'm here with Richard Milliner. He is a longtime friend and realtor, for the last, at least 10 years. I know of and he has sent us a lot of business over the years, and I just wanted to say thanks, and I was kind of curious of why us?"

Richard - "Well, David, I've known you and Dora for a long time as personal friends, and once you got into the property management business, I had no hesitation to give you guys a shot. It has proven to be golden, as clients I send your way have nothing but praise, and I will certainly continue to send you any client who has property management needs."

David - "That's great, well, it seems like there's lots of property managers out there. Is there may be any one particular part of our business things that we do, that kind of stands out that makes us better than the others?"

Richard - "Certainly, a first thing that comes to my mind is your diligence and your commitment to follow through whatever need the client has, but particularly in just picking up the phone and making contact and answering phone when the client calls or returning emails in a prompt manner. So, I would say what a lot of property management companies are lacking, you certainly are in the forefront in communicating in the moment."

David - "Well, it’s been nice to hear because it's a pet peeve of mine to make sure that we do keep in contact with our customers. It was one of the things that we have found that was lacking was decent communication. So it was our name, Service Star, is we made that one of our cornerstones, is trying to make sure we get good service. So it's nice to hear from the outside world that that's the case and I would again just like to thank you for all your business and help and your friendship and continued success to you."

Richard - "Thank you so much and I have no doubt that your Service Star will continue to shine."

David - "Perfect, thank you."

Richard - "Thank you."

What’s more, it’s easy for your clients to say yes

Your client gets an excellent service when we manage their property, and when you mention our name, you can let them know we have:

  • Longevity and experience and have been licensed in AZ since 1979
  • A BBB A+ rating so they can be confident of our professionalism
  • Many happy tenants and owners with a 4.3 Google review rating from more than 100 reviews
  • An $85 flat fee for full-service management. Your client can sit back and relax as we take care of everything.
  • Robust advertising with Marketing Video Tour included
  • A 21 Point Screening System, proven to find excellent tenants
  • High tenant retention resulting in long-term, consistent cash flow and low turnover costs.
  • Portal access and electronic deposits
  • Peace-of-Mind guarantees including a 30 Day Lease-Up and 6 Months Tenant Warranty.

For a full list of services your client can expect click here

Working with us means you can keep track of future sales and commissions without the hassles and headaches of having to manage properties day-to-day.

Let us do the heavy lifting, while you build your business and just wait for the call when your client is ready to sell.

"Nine months after I sold my client a property, he decided to move back to Florida, and rent his home. I strongly encouraged him to use a property management team, but he wanted to save money and manage it on his own. Six months later, I received a desperate call from his wife. She said they have had nothing but trouble with the renter since day one, and now the renter was not paying the rent or responding to them. She was exhausted with all of the phone calls to the renter, and all of the lies they had to deal with. She wanted to evict her, and sent her a letter giving her notice. She was still unsuccessful, and at a total loss about what to do. She contacted a Real Estate attorney in Phoenix, but had no luck with him. I suggested that she contact Service Star Realty. I personally know the proprietors and said if anyone could help, they can. I gave Dora and David her phone number. Dora immediately contacted her, and got the ball rolling. Service Star Realty not only stepped in to resolve the issue, they personally met with the tenant and unraveled the problem. It boiled down to poor communication, and a bit of "emotional excitement" with both the tenant and landlord. The success to this story is that Dora and David were able to save the tenant, clear up all the misunderstandings and professionalize the entire process. My clients were so pleased and relieved. Since then, I have referred other clients to Service Star Realty, and they could not be happier with their service. With so many available property management teams today, I am so relieved to find a team that truly stands behind their word."

- Dallas Borntrager, Realtor, HomeSmart


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