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  • "I have been a customer of Service Star Realty for the past three years. During that time they managed my residential property, including the tenant screening and move out process. I fully recommend this company, without reservation. Their team is highly responsive and professional. They are willing to provide personalized service where necessary and effective and also have efficient systems in place to help manage repetitive processes. I was pleased with services performed by all of their contractors, and honestly, have had zero negative experiences over the past three years. I will use them whenever I have the opportunities and recommend to friends, family and colleagues when there is the need. "

    Emily Chang 08/16/2016

  • " My name is Mario Mayorga and along with my wife Leticia we own a house in Phoenix but now live in California. After looking around and speaking with several different management companies we decided to hire Service Star Realty to manage our house,

    They just seem to fit with what we were looking for. David Swain at Service Star Realty came across as he cared about the property and not just the monthly fee they would be collecting. We recently had a change in tenants after the yearly lease with the prior tenants expired and would like to say how satisfied we were with the whole move out process. Going off of the experience we had with the management company we had here in California before we moved back to this state, and hearing all the horror stories of other management companies, we figured we would have to make a trip to Arizona to see what kind of damage or repairs had to be done before the tenants deposit was returned so we wouldn’t have the same problem we did here in California when the management company did not do the job they claimed they would do during the move out process. Although pictures were taken before the tenants move in, they were not used on the move out, a thorough inspection was not done, and we ended up having to clean up and repair the house out of our own pocket since the management company had returned the tenants deposit before we got a chance to view the house. I’d like to say the way Service Star Realty handled the move out process was very impressive. Those move-out videos are amazing and after viewing the two done on my house, we actually cancelled the trip we had scheduled to Arizona. The move-out videos were so detailed and thorough, every inch of the house was video taped so we were able to see any damage done. The person who did the video did a great job he walked through the whole house as if we were doing the walk through our selves. It took such a burden off our shoulders and gave us a sense of relief that we truly felt the house was in good hands. There wasn’t much damage to the house thanks to the screening they do to get you a good tenants and the simple repairs that were needed were taken care of with a couple of days. We got another pleasant surprise when Dora contacted us saying they had just accepted an application and new tenants would be moving in by that Friday, the house was only vacant for a week, like i said a pleasant surprise since we thought the house would sit empty till the following month. We are very pleased with the way Service Star Realty has managed our home and hope to have every up coming move out and move in of tenants to be just as great as this one. "

    - Thanks for the great job.
    Mario and Leticia Mayorga

  • " Nine months after I sold my client a property, he decided to move back to Florida, and rent his home. I strongly encouraged him to use a property management team, but he wanted to save money and manage it on his own. Six months later, I received a desperate call from his wife. She said they have had nothing but trouble with the renter since day one, and now the renter was not paying the rent or responding to them. She was exhausted with all of the phone calls to the renter, and all of the lies they had to deal with. She wanted to evict her, and sent her a letter giving her notice. She was still unsuccessful, and at a total loss about what to do. She contacted a Real Estate attorney in Phoenix, but had no luck with him. I suggested that she contact Service Star Realty. I personally know the proprietors and said if anyone could help, they can. I gave Dora and David her phone number. Dora immediately contacted her, and got the ball rolling. Service Star Realty not only stepped in to resolve the issue, they personally met with the tenant and unraveled the problem. It boiled down to poor communication, and a bit of â??emotional excitementâ?? with both the tenant and landlord. The success to this story is that Dora and David were able to save the tenant, clear up all the misunderstandings and professionalize the entire process. My clients were so pleased and relieved. Since then, I have referred other clients to Service Star Realty, and they could not be happier with their service. With so many available property management teams today, I am so relieved to find a team that truly stands behind their word. "
    - Dallas Borntrager, Realtor, HomeSmart

  • " After 10 years of managing my own rental properties while running my own CPA firm, I realized that I was at the point that I needed to find a property manager to take over the management of my apartments as the time it took to manage the rentals was creating a shortage of time in my full time CPA work. So much so, that I stopped focusing on the rentals almost all together and was dealing with continuous vacancy. Although I have met many property managers over the years, I did not have one that I felt would be able to manage my properties the way I would (when I had the time). Service Star Realty came highly recommended by business associates whose opinions I trust and hold in good judgment and, after meeting with David and Dora and learning about their management style and almost single-minded focus on their clients' return on investment, I decided to give them a try. From the moment they took over, it was clear that getting my units rented was their number one priority. After almost 2 and a half years with almost 50% vacancy under my management at my 12 unit apartment complex, due mainly due to repair issues that I could not get to, they had the property fully repaired AND rented within a few short months. Additionally, the repairs were made at far less than I would have expected to pay. Between the combination of saving on repair issues and having 100% occupancy, their services more than pay for themselves. They are experts in property management and I am so happy that I hired Service Star Realty as my rental property management company. My only regret is that I did not meet them 2 years earlier as the lost rents can never be recovered. "
    - Liz Koppinger, Phoenix AZ

  • " I am an out-of-town investor from Virginia. I purchased two investment properties (single family houses) in Phoenix in December 2011. Service Star Realty came highly recommended by one of the realtor whom we worked with for the purchase. We met Dave and talked with him about how he and Dora can help us with our investment. We liked their approach: price the property correctly and keep the tenant happy, and we were very impressed with their knowledge of the rental market in Phoenix. We were correct in our choice for one of the properties, two weeks after we closed on the purchase, Dave found a tenant and we signed a one year lease. For the second property, TWO days after we closed, we had a tenant sign up for one year. Now it has been more than six months, Service Star Realty has been managing these rental properties, we find them most helpful and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend Service Star Realty. "
    - Ed Chang, Lorton VA

  • " I chose Service Stare Realty to help me take the monthly burden of tracking rent, maintaining a better tenant relationship and knowing that my time was better served not babysitting my rental property. They take the legal steps necessary with the appropriate documentation to communicate to my tenant. Now, I don't have to question if I am doing things by the books, I know they are!

    David, Dora and their team have stepped up and got a new lease signed (1week) and I now just sit back and enjoy the income the property is producing and don't have to worry about all the monthly issues of being a "landlord". They are on top of everything from the time you sign up with their management service.

    I would recommend Service Star Realty to anyone that wants to spend their extra time with their family or just not doing a job that isn't their specialty.

    Thanks very much for all you do!!! "
    - Bennie Schmidt, Chandler AZ

  • "My 90 year old father's house had been empty for a solid year. It was the first piece of property he had ever owned "in this man's country" and although he had lived other places, most of his time in the United States was spent under that roof. This was his home and he worried about it constantly. The house lay fallow, costing him money and falling into disrepair as he was no longer able to live there independently. Something had to be done. At this point, the house was neither a viable asset nor a home."

    Why did you specifically select Service Star Realty for this project?

    "(Besides the fact that I would trust Dave with my life?) Service Star listened, paid attention to my family's needs and desires, and worked accordingly. At the first meeting, David came prepared with a file of recent home sales and leases in the neighborhood, he laid out options, answered questions, and refrained from taking a position. Every step of the journey (and it wasn't a simple one since my father's house needed work before it could go on the market), every interaction with Service Star was full of integrity. I live 3000 miles from this house and needed to be able to trust the property management firm completely. Service Star fostered the confidence for me to do so."

    What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with Service Star Realty?

    "My father's home is not only being well-tended, but it generates an income.

    The alacrity and efficiency of the company; every issue is handled immediately. "
    - Carol Mahedy, Wellfleet MA

  • " My name is Rebecca Joy Hiniker, I am a Real Estate Agent, a licensed Investment Banker and a Multi-Unit Restaurant General Manager. I was a homeowner for over a decade. I was married for ten years, and I was forced to find a Rental property when my husband left me last year. This is when I found a beautiful property listed and managed by Service Star Realty and I met David and Dora. They were absolutely amazing to work with every step of the way. From my first point of contact to any service request or need. They treat you like family. They are so professional and caring and they make the process so smooth and assuring. I am a single mom and a successful Career woman and live a very stressful life. I was so worried Renting would be stressful. To my pleasant surprise, not with Service Star Realty. Any concern they address immediately. Rental payments are made so easily through their online site. The trades they use are so caring and professional. I have been a Real Estate Agent for over 6 years and have come in contact with many Property Management Groups. Service Star Realty is by far the best in the Valley. I feel so very lucky to have found such a beautiful property, and to have had the chance to work with Service Star Realty. You will be happy you found them too. "
    - Rebecca Joy Hiniker, Phoenix AZ

  • " After having very poor experiences with two property management firms, I contacted Service Star Realty to supervise my rental property. The difference a caring company can make is huge! Within days after asking Service Star Realty to manage my rental, a well-screened tenant signed a two year lease. My rental income is promptly deposited in my checking account from an owner portal account and all financial information pertaining to the property is instantly accessible. Service Star Realty is always immediately responsive to my needs as well as to the needs of the tenant. My experience with Service Star Realty has been very positive. "
    - Dan Swaim, Chandler AZ
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