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Our 21-Point Rigorous System for Placing High-Value Tenants

Because a great tenant is more than someone who can pay the rent...

You want reliability and upstanding character in your tenants. This is your hard-earned investment and you need someone who is not only going to pay the rent on time (and continue to do so), but look after your property.

We’ve screened thousands of tenants over the years, and with more than 150 applicants a month, we’ve refined our process to one that works. We filter and turn down unsuitable candidates and only place ones that pass our scrutiny when it comes to criminal convictions, character and cash-flow.

You can be confident this system works. We have a 75% renewal rate, with many tenants staying long-term (reducing turnover costs for you), and importantly, a 1% eviction rate. (Don’t forget we can also help you in the unlikely case of an eviction)

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The screening system includes:

Identity - Making sure we know exactly who is renting your property

1. Driver’s License
2. Social Security Number
3. Social Security Fraud Search

Credit history - We need to know tenants can afford your rent (long-term). Based on previous records we analyze how a tenant’s ability to uphold their payment commitments.

4. Credit Score
5. Address Match - Credit Report and Drivers License
6. Foreclosure – Mortgage Reference
7. Credit History - Broken Leases
8. Currently Delinquent
9. Income Verification – Individual and Household

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Criminal - We do the following strict criminal checks to make sure your tenant has a good legal reputation.

10. Sex Offender Registry
11. National Criminal Alias Search

Character - Just because someone can afford it and has no criminal history, doesn’t mean they’re a great tenant. We dig deep into a tenant’s character to ensure you get the best combination of someone who pays and cares for your property.

12. Local Eviction Lookup
13. National Eviction Lookup
14. Pet Verification with Photo
15. Restricted Breeds
16. Service Animal Documentation
17. Assessor Site Search to Verify Landlord
18. Residential Verification - Current Landlord
19. Residential Verification - Past Landlord
20. Employment Verification
21. Social Media Search

Nothing is left to chance when it comes to selecting the right person, collecting all the evidence and data throughout the process. If we’re unable to get the evidence to support the application, we simply will not accept it.

Our years of experience means we know how to interpret the data to extract the real meaning when it comes to suitability. And we never vary from our written criteria to make sure that we are always in compliance with the Fair Housing Act. Our goal is to make sure that you never have to deal with lawsuits or litigation.

We are so confident in our ability to place tenants that we will guarantee your tenants for the first six months. If they do not work out for any reason, we will re-rent your home for free.

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  • Helpful links and scoring system
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