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As a prospective tenant, we can help you through the process of finding and applying for the home of your dreams.

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  • "I have been a customer of Service Star Realty for the past three years. During that time they managed my residential property, including the tenant screening and move out process. I fully recommend this company, without reservation. Their team is highly responsive and professional. They are willing to provide personalized service where necessary and effective and also have efficient systems in place to help manage repetitive processes. I was pleased with services performed by all of their contractors, and honestly, have had zero negative experiences over the past three years. I will use them whenever I have the opportunities and recommend to friends, family and colleagues when there is the need. "

    Emily Chang 08/16/2016
  • "I have been a renter for years and this is by far the best management company I have ever had to deal with. From day 1 of my rental home search this company, specifically Shanta C., went out of their way to help me, answer any questions I had, and just provide overall support in the rental process. They have been very honest and upfront about any and all fees they charge as well as they provide you all the information in written formats as well as its available online. Now that I am a tenant in one of their rental homes, my experience has not changed one bit. Any issues I have had with the property they respond immediately and if they are not able to they explain why and keep me apprised of the status. In addition to that, having access to my account via the online portal is fantastic. I can submit maintenance requests, pay my rent, review all contracts and/or forms related to my rental etc. all within my account. Also your ledger is on there as well which breaks down all and/or any fees charged and your rent amount that is due. I hardly have to ever call in because it can all be one online 24/7 365 days a year. Anyone reading reviews of this company please don't put too much stock into the majority of those "negative" reviews out there. If you actually read them, you will see the people complaining are usually complaining about something they knew about and have agreed to already and now just don't like it. If they didn't like it then they should not of agreed to it and signed a contract and moved in. None of the policies and/or rules are unreasonable at all. In fact, I find them more lenient then the majority of other management companies in the Phx metro area. The majority of those "negative" reviews are absolutely ridiculous and its apparent the person is not being completely honest due to so many contradictions they have in the complaints. And to be clear, no I do not work for Service Star Realty nor have any affiliation with them other then being a tenant and renting one of the homes they manage. No they did not ask me to write this nor do they even know I am writing this. This is my opinion of the company and how I honestly feel about them. I recommend anyone looking to rent or anyone looking to have their property manage to give them a try. You will see exactly what I am referring to. There is no shadiness or deceitful tactics at play here like many other management companies. Oh, and to address those people complaining about paying an application fee and then not getting the rental due to someone else who applied having better qualifications. First of all, they state this so many times all over the website, plus its in giant letters when you are submitting the application and fee. They could not of told you this more then they did. Second, applications can be submitted anytime of the day. So just because when you call and none have been submitted doesn't mean one could not come in 30 sec. after your call. Third, just because you apply does not mean you are guaranteed to get the rental. They go with whoever applied has the highest qualifications because their main job is managing properties. So their clients are the property owners not the tenants. I don't know why so many renters cannot grasp that concept. And lastly, I lost out on a house I applied to because someone more qualified got it. Did I cry and throw a fit and make negative reviews? Umm no, because I know that is how it works because it said so many many times. But guess what, if you lose out on a house due to that, you can just apply for another one. And unlike most other companies, Service Star allows you to apply at another one of their homes without paying another application fee as long as its within 30 days. And for those wondering why there is a 30 day limit its because the reports they ran for you would not change before 30 days as they are updated every 30 days. So they have to make sure they have current up to date reports, so you have 30 days to apply for another home if you find one. That is what I did and I could not be more happy about it. "

    Rafaela Vasquez 09/04/2016

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Service Star Realty - Monday, February 15, 2016

Insurance is provided as protection to prevent loss in the event of an unforeseen circumstance. No matter what sphere of insurance you are speaking of, the ultimate goal is immunity. As a Landlord you deserve a sense of wellbeing knowing that your Property Management Company is just as protected as you are. Read More

Who is living in my house?

Service Star Realty - Friday, January 29, 2016

A question frequently asked by home owners: “What are your criteria when approving applications?” Service Star Realty realizes placing the right tenant in your rental is one of the most important responsibilities we have as property managers: a good tenant will fulfill their lease term, give proper notice and allow us to plan for a shorter vacancy, they care enough about their credit to leave your property in good shape and pay their balance on their way out. Read More

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Service Star Realty - Friday, January 15, 2016

After some research and realizing why we are receiving so many service calls on “No Heat” or “System is blowing cool air” and why most of these calls come in early morning or late nights, I have discovered the process of how the heat pump works: Read More

What will make my property rent faster?

Service Star Realty - Monday, January 11, 2016

Pricing: Yes, this is the obvious one. Pricing needs to be competitive for the specific neighborhood, area of town, or school district. Market analyses needs to consider not only what other homes rented for but also how long it took to rent them out. There are several different pricing techniques, however, Service Star finds that perhaps the most successful way to price a home is to list the property a little bit above the current market to capture all possible income for the property owner and then reduce the rent by $25.00 every week or so until we hit the “sweet spot” that gets our property rented still within reasonable time. Establishing a bottom line is advisable. Read More

Property Management Phoenix

When searching for Property Management companies in Phoenix you'll come across many property managers and they will all tell you they can do the job. Here's just a few of the reasons to select Service Star Realty as your property manager.

  • Flat Fee Property Management! - Full Service Property Management in Phoenix for a low FLAT fee.
  • Vacancy Rates - Our average vacancy rate is under 5%! Vacancy is the biggest enemy to your profits and we'll keep it at a minimum.
  • Video Inspections - Move-in and move-out inspections let you see your property and provides ironclad documentation for security deposit claims.
  • On-line Rent Payments - Free and easy online rent payments for your tenants means you get paid faster. Your tenants will love the convenience!
  • On-line Maintenance Requests - Constant customer service with a 24/7 emergency hotline backed by trained live personnel.
  • Great Service - We are quick and efficient at providing great service to tenants. Happy tenants mean less issues for you!
  • Collections - If the need arises, we are quick at collections too.

Perhaps you've tried other Property Management companies in Phoenix and been disappointed. Or perhaps you've been doing your own property management and are tired of the hassles. Either way give us a call here at Service Star Realty and we'll show you how we've helped other Phoenix property owners and landlords increase their bottom line while decreasing their stress. Call us today at 480-426-9696 to get started.


"They are knowledgeable professionals who look out for our best interests. They find the right tenant and are available at all times and answer questions promptly. I recommend to anyone who is looking for a property manager."
- Client Testimonial


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