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3 Tips to Get Your Home Rented Faster

Dora Pinter

As a landlord, experiencing rental vacancies and high tenant turnover can be quite stressful. It burdens you with unforeseen costs and negatively impacts your position in the competitive Phoenix rental market. When a vacancy does happen, it is important to get a new tenant in as quickly as possible to help minimize the negative impact. Fortunately, you can tackle such a situation with the help of a few strategies.

Here are the top 3 tips you can use to get your home rented faster.

1. Implement the Right Marketing Strategies

Marketing your Phoenix rental property correctly can help you get it rented faster. Promote your rental property online as well as in the communities you serve to directly connect with a larger pool of tenants. Analyze the requirements of your prospective tenants and study what is trending in the local Phoenix rental market. It will help you update your house to market standards while keeping up with what's in demand.

A great way to highlight the best aspects of your home is to create a video walkthrough of the property. You can post this video tour on social media and property listing websites to create an online presence.

Use word-of-mouth publicity and spread the word about the vacancy amongst your colleagues, friends, relatives, and neighbors. You can also ask your previous tenants to share their rental experience and recommend your home to fellow home-hunters.

2. Make Proactive Adjustments to Your Real Estate Listing

Another effective way to get your home rented faster is to create an engaging and detailed listing of your rental property’s key features; be sure to include quality photos. Highlight the location, pet policies, amenities, home essentials, local amenities, and transportation options your home and neighborhood offer.

You can incorporate showing feedback, competitive pricing, possible move-in incentives and data from your weekly evaluations in the listing to create a description that appeals to potential renters and targets all the right keywords.

Once you create a comprehensive listing, upload it on authentic listing sites so that you can connect with interested renters and get your house rented faster.

3. Keep Your Phoenix Rental Property Presentable and Enhance Its Curb Appeal

The presentability and habitability of your property can make or break the tenants' interest for your Phoenix rental. Keep your property clean and presentable at all times, and make the necessary enhancements required on the inside and the outside.

Walk around your house and look for potential improvements. Create a list of repairs to enhance the curb appeal. Small details such as landscaping, lights, and clean walkways make the exterior more appealing, meaning you will attract more potential tenants.

There are several other ways by which you can get your house rented quickly, such as having a competitive rent, adding attractive home upgrades, renovating your house, and allowing pets.

Implementing these tips can be a great starting point to get your Phoenix rental rented faster. At Service Star Realty, we have handled hundreds of properties, going the extra mile to find ideal tenants for each of them. Our team of professional Phoenix property managers can help you find potential tenants for your rental quickly. For more information on custom tips to get your particular rental rented faster, connect with us at Service Star Realty.

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