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Owners Portal

You don’t want to be kept in the dark when it comes to rent being paid, or if you’re going to be hit with a surprise charge weeks down the line. When you partner with us to manage your Phoenix rental property, you get a secure online owners’ portal. You can view real time account activity including rents received, account balance, vendor invoices, monthly income statements and year-end statements.

Looking After Your Cash Flow and Bottom Line


Rent collection can be an emotional and confrontational subject for those who self-manage. Something you can eliminate completely with a professional property management company.

In addition to making sure we pick tenants who can afford to pay, we also make it easy for them. Your tenants have access to their own online portal where they can make online payments, and with ACH payments you have no more checks going missing in the mail.

Instant Investor Cash-Flow Analyzer

When it comes to calculating the return on your investment, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

With this cash-flow analyzer, just put in the figures for your property and it determines your cash-flow from monthly rental, helping you calculate your long-term return on investment.

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