Service star was so accommodating from the very beginning. Me and my partner moved from Dallas to Glendale and service star was just about the only company that would get back to us in a timely manner. We ended up being a little late in moving, but they were so nice and understanding. Rachel at the front desk was the nicest person and definitely made are arrival less stressful. Definitely recommend service star reality for anyone who is looking to rent! Natali Berry, Glendale
Special thanks to David and Michelle W. for handling my rental property!! Any property management companies can find tenants and collect the rent for you. But, you don't know how good the property management company is until you run into real issues. My tenants decided not to pay the rent due to marriage issues. David and Michelle were able to work with them and come up with a plan for them to turn in the property and pay the overdue rent payment in time. Throughout the process, David and Michelle kept me informed and took time to address all questions I had which really relieved some of my worries. Special mention about David. David is the owner of the company. He takes time to meet home owners in person and address all questions they have. He is very knowledgeable about rental business and extremely helpful. I really appreciate his help. I have recommended Service Star to many of my friends. And I know I will recommend them in the future if anyone comes to me for a recommendation. Mei-Lin Hsieh
Never have I been so impressed with a leasing company before, and more specifically, my property manager, Elizabeth. She is kind, understanding, great at communicating, and an incredible advocate for her tenants. I feel that most leasing properties do not care as much about the tenants, as they may just be passing through, but Elizabeth takes incredible care and I cannot say enough good things about her. I have never re-signed a lease, and am doing so large in part to Elizabeth's excellent service. While it can be tricky renting via a third party leasing company, Service Star has done so much to work with me. Janae Andrews, Phoenix AZ
I can't think of anything to add to the services you provide that would increase my customer satisfaction. Service Star Realty has delivered everything promised and more. I've signed on with other companies that promise the world up front but months down the line the disappointment sets in. After more than a year with Service Star Realty, I have zero issues. The best thing is the fact that I don't have to think of my properties one bit, everything is taken care of and all I have to do is sit back and collect rents, which is the way it should be. I'm just sorry I didn't know about Service Star Realty before 2018. Edward Guerrero, La Mirada CA
"Highly recommended! Been with them for years, and because of them I have been able to add to my portfolio under their management, and I don't have to deal with the hassles of landlordship. They know the ropes and offer great customer service." Chris Bisgrove, Peoria AZ
These people really do care! We had an issue with a tenant that was handled with finesse and a professionalism that is second to none. I would recommend using Service Star Realty for all your property management needs. Their fees are reasonable and anything needing extra fees was always agreed upon in advance. In other words - no surprises. Thank you Service Star Realty, We appreciate you! Jim Davenport, Surprise AZ
Service Star Realty has been managing two of my properties now for over a year. During that time, I have found them to be both professional and very easy to work with. I live in California and my properties are in Gilbert, Arizona. Having a property manager that I can trust to look after my investments is important to me. Needless to say, I trust Service Star more and more as we continue to work together. Tim Eng, Walnut CA
I have been a customer of Service Star Realty for the past three years. During that time they managed my residential property, including the tenant screening and move out process. I fully recommend this company, without reservation. Their team is highly responsive and professional. They are willing to provide personalized service where necessary and effective and also have efficient systems in place to help manage repetitive processes. I was pleased with services performed by all of their contractors, and honestly, have had zero negative experiences over the past three years. I will use them whenever I have the opportunities and recommend to friends, family and colleagues when there is the need. Emily Chang, Phoenix AZ
The whole team at Service Star Realty have made Property Management a no-brainer. 1. Fixed Monthly Fee 2. Quarterly Filter Service & Inspection Plan 3. Monthly Eviction Payment Plan, Just in Case 4. May drop this as they initially found an 18 Mo. tenant that just renewed for a TWO year lease. We Like! 5. Fast and Efficient Maintenance Resolution 6. Great Communication 7. Timely mid-month "Owner's" Statements & Automatic Deposits to our Rental Bank Account. Too long a list to keep going with our accolades!!! If you're not happy with your current Property Manager, you need to check out Service Star Realty! DG Evans, Corona CA
We have had excellent service from Service Star Realty. We are out of town owners and they keep us informed about our property. They keep it rented and in the last 4 years we have only had one month where it wasn't rented! Love the video they do of the property and the calls for updates. They are very contentious. Ann Auker, Byron IL
After 10 years of managing my own rental properties while running my own CPA firm, I realized that I was at the point that I needed to find a property manager to take over the management of my apartments as the time it took to manage the rentals was creating a shortage of time in my full time CPA work. So much so, that I stopped focusing on the rentals almost all together and was dealing with continuous vacancy. Although I have met many property managers over the years, I did not have one that I felt would be able to manage my properties the way I would (when I had the time). Service Star Realty came highly recommended by business associates whose opinions I trust and hold in good judgment and, after meeting with David and Dora and learning about their management style and almost single-minded focus on their clients' return on investment, I decided to give them a try. From the moment they took over, it was clear that getting my units rented was their number one priority. After almost 2 and a half years with almost 50% vacancy under my management at my 12 unit apartment complex, due mainly due to repair issues that I could not get to, they had the property fully repaired AND rented within a few short months. Additionally, the repairs were made at far less than I would have expected to pay. Between the combination of saving on repair issues and having 100% occupancy, their services more than pay for themselves. They are experts in property management and I am so happy that I hired Service Star Realty as my rental property management company. My only regret is that I did not meet them 2 years earlier as the lost rents can never be recovered. Liz Koppinger, Phoenix AZ
I am an out-of-town investor from Virginia. I purchased two investment properties (single family houses) in Phoenix in December 2011. Service Star Realty came highly recommended by one of the realtor whom we worked with for the purchase. We met Dave and talked with him about how he and Dora can help us with our investment. We liked their approach: price the property correctly and keep the tenant happy, and we were very impressed with their knowledge of the rental market in Phoenix. We were correct in our choice for one of the properties, two weeks after we closed on the purchase, Dave found a tenant and we signed a one year lease. For the second property, TWO days after we closed, we had a tenant sign up for one year. Now it has been more than six months, Service Star Realty has been managing these rental properties, we find them most helpful and pleasant to work with. We highly recommend Service Star Realty. Ed Chang, Lorton VA

I chose Service Star Realty to help me take the monthly burden of tracking rent, maintaining a better tenant relationship and knowing that my time was better served not babysitting my rental property. They take the legal steps necessary with the appropriate documentation to communicate to my tenant. Now, I don't have to question if I am doing things by the books, I know they are!

David, Dora and their team have stepped up and got a new lease signed (1week) and I now just sit back and enjoy the income the property is producing and don't have to worry about all the monthly issues of being a "landlord". They are on top of everything from the time you sign up with their management service.

I would recommend Service Star Realty to anyone that wants to spend their extra time with their family or just not doing a job that isn't their specialty.

Thanks very much for all you do!!! Bennie Schmidt, Chandler AZ

My 90 year old father's house had been empty for a solid year. It was the first piece of property he had ever owned "in this man's country" and although he had lived other places, most of his time in the United States was spent under that roof. This was his home and he worried about it constantly. The house lay fallow, costing him money and falling into disrepair as he was no longer able to live there independently. Something had to be done. At this point, the house was neither a viable asset nor a home.

Why did you specifically select Service Star Realty for this project?

(Besides the fact that I would trust Dave with my life?) Service Star listened, paid attention to my family's needs and desires, and worked accordingly. At the first meeting, David came prepared with a file of recent home sales and leases in the neighborhood, he laid out options, answered questions, and refrained from taking a position. Every step of the journey (and it wasn't a simple one since my father's house needed work before it could go on the market), every interaction with Service Star was full of integrity. I live 3000 miles from this house and needed to be able to trust the property management firm completely. Service Star fostered the confidence for me to do so.

What are the two most significant improvements that have resulted from your work with Service Star Realty?

My father's home is not only being well-tended, but it generates an income.

The alacrity and efficiency of the company; every issue is handled immediately. Carol Mahedy, Wellfleet MA
My name is Rebecca Joy Hiniker, I am a Real Estate Agent, a licensed Investment Banker and a Multi-Unit Restaurant General Manager. I was a homeowner for over a decade. I was married for ten years, and I was forced to find a Rental property when my husband left me last year. This is when I found a beautiful property listed and managed by Service Star Realty and I met David and Dora. They were absolutely amazing to work with every step of the way. From my first point of contact to any service request or need. They treat you like family. They are so professional and caring and they make the process so smooth and assuring. I am a single mom and a successful Career woman and live a very stressful life. I was so worried Renting would be stressful. To my pleasant surprise, not with Service Star Realty. Any concern they address immediately. Rental payments are made so easily through their online site. The trades they use are so caring and professional. I have been a Real Estate Agent for over 6 years and have come in contact with many Property Management Groups. Service Star Realty is by far the best in the Valley. I feel so very lucky to have found such a beautiful property, and to have had the chance to work with Service Star Realty. You will be happy you found them too. Rebecca Joy Hiniker, Phoenix AZ
I would like to begin by saying what a terrific job Service Star Realty is doing managing my properties! As a small business owner myself, I prefer working with small business who are invested in providing top notch customer service to their clients. That being said, I have worked with many other property management companies that have lacked in communication and were not proactive. I am very satisfied with my property manager, Shanta who is easy to communicate with and takes a very proactive approach to making sure my properties are not sitting vacant. She recently found great new tenants for me within a week of the previous tenants moving out. She also secured a 2-year lease!!! I would not hesitate to have Service Star manage additional properties for me. Nirali Patel, Ponoma CA
The team at Service Star Realty has managed my property in Phoenix for the past 3 years. I couldn't be more impressed with their professionalism. Their responsiveness to my tenants needs when issues arise is outstanding. For anyone that is looking for complete peace of mind and a hands-off management experience, Service Star is the way to go. I also find the monthly reporting to be effective, timely and easy to understand. Fantastic all the way around! Zach Pendley, Ontario, Canada
Service Star has gone above and beyond for me. Within a week they found me a tenant for 2 years and for more than I thought I could get! I needed a rental analysis done quickly to make a decision and they got it done in an hour. I refer them to my friends and I will work with Service Star as long as I can. They make me feel confident in real estate investing in Arizona. Chris Moran, Phoenix, AZ
As a private owner, trying to rent my house on my own, I was constantly bothered by poor tenants and the hassles of making time for maintenance and collecting rent. I chose Service Star Realty for my property management after struggling to do it myself for a year. They were AMAZING! It has been 6 years now and they have been exceptional, taking all the worries and hassles off my hands! They have placed very good tenants. The last move out was so easy! There was very little damage and they secured a new tenant while the property was still occupied. They also sent me a video of the walk-through. It was a real convenience to watch it online and I felt confident knowing any repairs would be fixed promptly. The staff is very friendly and great about getting back to you right away. I highly recommend Service Star Realty! Kelley L, Phoenix, AZ

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