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Choosing Service Star Realty as Your Property Management Partner

Specialists in single family homes, condominiums and apartments in the Phoenix metro area.

We want you to feel confident and happy about joining us as an investor, so on this page you’ll find all the details about what it’s like to work with us, and how we nurture your investment.

Service Star Realty was founded to combat poor property management we had personally experienced.

We knew it could, and should be done better.

Communication You Can Expect from a Phoenix Property Manager by Service Star Realty

Below are some of the ways we’re committed to achieving this:

NARPM, NAR and AAR memberships and RMP designation

We work by a strict code of professional ethics, and continuing education to offer exceptional service.

The latest technology and processes

We’ve streamlined the way we work, so much so that we now train other property management firms to help them improve.

We’re not sales agents

We focus purely on residential property management so you know you’re getting a specialist in this area.

Our obsession with the numbers

As investors ourselves, we know that numbers are everything to the bottom line, and we’re committed to getting the best numbers for our clients, (see below):

The numbers you need to know:

  • $85 - The flat fee we charge for management.
  • 14 - The average days it takes to find you great tenants (Phoenix average is 30 days).
  • 100% - Successful security deposit claims thanks to our popular Move In and Move Out video inspections.
  • 21 - Screening points we use to find tenants who care.
  • 75% - High renewal rate, tenants tend to stay for 3+ years, keeping your turnover costs low.
  • 98% - Occupancy rate. A high rate of tenant applications means we often have new tenants lined up as soon as your old ones move out, keeping vacancy rates low.
  • 60+ - Years of combined experience.
  • 1% - Eviction rate, and if your tenant does need to go, we’re there to help.

Phoenix Property Management

Management Service Inquiries

What happens when you join?

The first thing we want to know when we talk is: how can we help? We listen to what you want from your investment as well as the service you need. Whether you want to be hands-free or hands-on, we develop a service that suits you.

You also get a personal service from day one including the cell-phone number of your own property manager. Each of our Phoenix property managers only cover small portfolios, so you get a dedicated expert looking after you and your investment.

Shining a spotlight on your property with beautiful video marketing

We don’t just list your property, we launch it into the marketplace so it gets the attention of the best prospects.

As standard, you get a beautifully descriptive and detailed video walkthrough of your property when it’s empty. Posted online, these videos attract more inquiries and we’ve even placed tenants on the strength of video alone because:

Click here to watch a property marketing video

  • Prospective tenants can view anytime night or day.
  • Being empty, prospects can imagine it as their home, rather than someone else’s.
  • We can market your property even if you have current tenants, making it easier to have new tenants lined up before the others move out.

Click here to read more about our video marketing

On average, we place tenants in 14 days or less

One of the reasons we’re able to beat the Phoenix average of 30 days is our dogged determination and advertising your property through channels that work.

Anyone can place an ad. What you need is an ad placed where the best types of tenants for your property will search. We also make sure your property description sells its value and generates applications.

We NEVER miss a call from prospects

Our 24-hour leasing line means that no matter when a prospective tenant calls about your property, a real-person is there to answer the phone. We catch more inquiries, increasing your application rate.

We’re so confident we will find great tenants within 14 days, that if we don’t beat the Phoenix average of 30 days, your first month’s management is free.

Now they’ve applied…
How we select the best tenants for you

With around 150 applications every month we can afford to be choosy and pick the best tenants for your Phoenix rental property. In addition to high-demand, we have years of experience vetting prospects, but we don’t rely on gut-feeling. Instead we have a thorough, proven 21-point process.

And when it comes to screening, we do more than check-boxes. After some serious detective work, when we do accept an application, we really know the tenant (probably even better than their family and friends!)

First we find out who they are

Your tenant has all the key identity documentation checked: driver’s license, social security number, and address confirmation.

Next we know they can afford your rent (long-term)

The prospect needs a good credit background, and employment record to even be considered. You get a tenant who can afford the rent today and long into the future.

Finally, we make sure they have the right character for your property

Even the wrong tenant can look good on paper, so we apply even more scrutiny, checking for:

  • Criminal convictions
  • Evictions, not just locally but nationally
  • Pets, and we verify them by photo and ensure they’re not a restricted breed
  • References from current and previous landlords
  • Social media profiles (a great indication of how someone really behaves)

The process is tough, vigorous and designed to get you the best possible tenant.

Click here to read the full list of 21 screening points



Download the guide today and discover:

  • How to evaluate the 3 key features of a great deal
  • The latest marketing techniques for generating the best rental returns
  • A proven system for keeping your property safe and avoiding nightmare tenants
  • The strategic step-by-step process for effortless rent collection
  • How to win loyal, long-term tenants through 4 critical services

Smart property investment can bring you a steady accumulation of wealth over the years. See how by downloading this guide today.

Protecting your property during every tenancy

Move In and Move Out inspection videos

One thing that sets us apart, are our Move In and Move Out video inspections. Before a tenant moves in we meticulously document the condition of your property; repeating the process when they move out. These videos do more than just record condition, it lets tenants know the property will be closely watched, and it gives you robust evidence in the event of a security deposit claim. (We have a 100% success rate in winning security deposit claims because of these videos.)

Click here to watch an inspection video from your Phoenix Property Management Company

Setting tenant expectations

At the start of each tenancy, we provide a 5-page maintenance addendum that details what tenants are responsible to take care of as well as what they should not touch under any circumstance. These detailed instructions are in writing as well as explained in person to the tenant. Surprisingly, this conversation is actually something tenants like.

By being open and honest, there are no misunderstandings which makes tenants more comfortable knowing what they can and can’t do when they live in your property.

Looking after your cash flow and bottom line

Faster payments, and getting paid on time

Rent collection can be an emotional and confrontational subject for those who self-manage. Something you can eliminate completely with a professional property management company.

In addition to making sure we pick tenants who can afford to pay, we also make it easy for them. Your tenants have access to their own online portal where they can make online payments, and with ACH payments you have no more checks going missing in the mail.

If there is a late payment, your tenants are sent a legal letter the first day they are late. Daily follow-ups, increasing late-fees and hiring an attorney on day 15 is a streamlined process, resulting in a fast resolution.

Owners Portal

Instant Investor Cash-Flow Analyzer

When it comes to calculating the return on your investment, we’ve done the heavy lifting for you.

With this cash-flow analyzer, just put in the figures for your property and it determines your cash-flow from monthly rental, helping you calculate your long-term return on investment.


Fast, reliable maintenance
(at competitive prices)

We fix things fast (to protect your bottom line)

Fast maintenance is a priority. When a tenant considers renewing their lease, they remember how someone responded to their requests. How quickly was the faucet fixed? Was someone there when they needed them? When happy tenants renew a lease, you enjoy consistent rental income, and eliminate turnover costs.

You receive our volume discounts (with no mark-up costs)

We’ve built a pool of long-term, trusted vendors who look after our 500+ properties. Because we supply regular maintenance work, we get excellent vendor rates that are much lower than those available to landlords self-managing a single, or small number of properties. You get the benefit of this discount, you only pay for great-quality work, from a trusted vendor at a favorable cost.

Stay in touch, in control and informed, 24 hours a day

You don’t want to be kept in the dark when it comes to rent being paid, or if you’re going to be hit with a surprise charge weeks down the line. When you partner with us to manage your Phoenix rental property, you get a secure online owners’ portal. You can view real time account activity including rents received, account balance, vendor invoices, monthly income statements and year-end statements.

Extra protection from evictions and overwhelming legislation

Tenant protection

We’re confident you will have happy, responsible tenants for as long as you need but sometimes the unexpected happens, and a tenant needs to go. With 60+ years of combined experience, we have a great system in place to protect your investment. With Service Star Realty, you can join our Eviction Protection Program for just $10 a month. If you do need an eviction, we not only handle the entire process, but we also cover legal costs up to $1,500.

Legal protection

Staying on the right side of the law for landlords can be overwhelming. With countless local and national regulations that are subject to change, it’s hard to know that you’re not leaving yourself open to liability. Our duty to you is to stay up-to-date on all state and county laws including HOA compliance, discrimination, service animals, as well as disabled accommodation and modification, giving you an additional layer of protection and peace-of-mind.

Our No-Fuss Guarantees

Hopefully this page shows you our commitment to providing you with exceptional service, but we want to give you even more confidence about partnering with us. That’s why we offer the below, no-fuss guarantees.

6 Months Tenant Warranty
30 Day Lease-Up Guarantee

Phoenix Property Management

Want answers fast?

Call: 480-712-1277

What is it like to work with Service Star Realty in Phoenix Property Management?

Why tenants like renting from Service Star Realty?

Our pledge to professional ethics and ongoing education as NARPM members.

As a company we’re also members of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM). This association was founded to encourage education, ethics and professionalism within the property management industry. In addition to our membership, the founders of Service Star Realty have both achieved the sought-after Residential Management Professional (RMP) designation. This means that we are bound by a stringent code of ethics as well as a commitment to ongoing education.

You’re not getting a property management firm that does things ‘the way they always have’, you’re getting a firm that is up-to-date on the ever-changing landscape, including new challenges, technology, processes, and opportunities. Keeping abreast of these is one more reason that we are able to continue offering exceptional service to our investors.


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