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Video Marketing and Move-In, Move-Out Inspection Videos

Engaging Tenants in an Increasingly Virtual World

Video is taking over, and when it comes to marketing and protecting your property, this is great news.

In a recent industry report*, video is one of the fastest channels for communicating information to customers.

So what does this mean for your rental property?

It means that video is an essential tool to attract applications around the clock. At Service Star Realty we create beautifully detailed walk-through videos that showcase the value of your investment to prospective tenants.

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Video is just one way we provide exceptional service.

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Video attracts more inquiries

Video builds confidence in prospective tenants

When renters can visualize and imagine themselves living in a property, it gives them confidence about the decision to commit to the contract. Since we have a video tour available, we can also “show” the property before the old tenant has even left. This halves the time it takes to lease the property so that you save money and have a reduced vacancy time. Each video is professionally edited and quickly loaded into advertisements for prospective renters. The best way to see the value of a video-marketing tour, is to experience one. Watch the video below to see:

Is your property ready for it’s close-up?

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Video even helps investors purchase homes

Video is so engaging and compelling that we have been able to help investors purchase a new home using our technology. Overseas investors can’t always visit the investment up close and video gives them the confidence to buy, our experience and feedback from this has been overwhelmingly positive.

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Not just for marketing
How Move-In and Move-Out videos protect your investment

It’s common practice for many firms to take photos of a property at the start and end of every tenancy, using them as evidence in the event of a security deposit claim.

The problem is that there is too much room for misinterpretation and ambiguity and it’s hard to see the real condition from a 2D image.

That’s why, as standard, all Service Star Realty owners receive Move-In and Move-Out videos. Before a tenant moves in we capture, in high-quality digital video formats, every inch of your property in a 15-20 minute video. The result is a high-resolution, 3D experience of a walk-through inspection. From the edge of the carpets and skirting boards to the ceilings - nothing escapes scrutiny.

Click here to watch a sample of a Move Out video

When the tenant moves out, we go through the same process (and in the same step-by-step direction). The two videos are later run next to each other on our screen so that we can compare the condition of the property. This allows us to catch every small detail that may have changed.

This also gives you the opportunity to review and make fast decisions about any maintenance requirements from the comfort of your own home.

With this robust evidence, tenants know from day one that we will be watching, and inspecting the condition of the property, setting important expectations for the care of your home. What’s more, should there ever be a security deposit claim, you have indisputable proof on your side. In face we have never lost a security deposit claim because of using these videos.

Client Testimonial

Testimonial Picture. . . . .Those move-out videos are amazing and after viewing the two done on my house, we actually cancelled the trip we had scheduled to Arizona. The move-out videos were so detailed and thorough; every inch of the house was videotaped so we were able to see any damage done. The person who did the video did a great job he walked through the whole house as if we were doing the walk through our selves. It took such a burden off our shoulders and gave us a sense of relief that we truly felt the house was in good hands. There wasn’t much damage to the house thanks to the screening they do to get you a good tenants and the simple repairs that were needed were taken care of with a couple of days. We got another pleasant surprise when Dora contacted us saying they had just accepted an application and new tenants would be moving in by that Friday, the house was only vacant for a week, like I said a pleasant surprise since we thought the house would sit empty till the following month. We are very pleased with the way Service Star Realty has managed our home and hope to have every upcoming move out and move in of tenants to be just as great as this one.

Thanks for the great job.
Mario and Leticia Mayorga

Phoenix Property Management

*Accenture Interactive: Lights, Cerma, Action.


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