About Service Star Realty

We are incredibly thankful for the people and the success of Service Star Realty. Whether you’re a tenant, investor or realtor, we hope to count you as one of our future success stories! Starting small, we had no idea that we would grow as fast and strong as we did. In the time it took to plan a centennial celebration for our first hundred units, we had doubled in size (so doubled the celebration!)

We now manage around 950 properties with a team that still feels like family. We’re not shy about this success because it’s driven by our philosophy to help people and provide exceptional service. You can get to know us in this video, hear why we kept our first ever keybox, who is the number-cruncher and who is the people person, but most importantly, what it is we love about our clients, our team, and a life in property management.

Dora Pinter RMP®, CRPM®, MPM®, Master Property Manager and
David Swaim RMP®, CRPM®, MPM® Designated Broker

The Service Star Story

Service Star Realty began in 2011 from a shared vision of Dora Pinter and David Swaim, a Phoenix realtor couple with 60 plus years of combine real estate experience. David and Dora wanted to create a property management company that offered valuable service at an affordable price that owners can trust in.

The original idea for developing a Phoenix property management company came to them when they watched David’s parents deal with a troubled property management company. That company was impossible to reach. They would return voice mails a week later or send an email instead of calling. They had extensive repair costs and a terrible track record for keeping tenants. When they charged for a new dishwasher three times in the same year, the Swaims decided they needed a different company. This was a perfect opportunity for David and Dora to help and start fulfilling the vision.

The industry needed professionals who offered great customer service, honesty and a strong work ethic. Service Star Realty was created from this initial dream. Since then, the company has grown to manage around 950 properties because of client referrals and proven track record. The secret recipe is great systems where nothing falls through the cracks and an enthusiastic staff who loves property management. David and Dora are proud of their company growth and grateful to all the clients who have recommended them. Today, the Swaims and nearly 700 investors remain satisfied customers of Service Star Realty.

Meet the Team

When you join Service Star Realty, you get the power of an entire, personable team whose sole aim is to help and delight you.

They love to solve problems and enjoy being able to help tenants and owners at the same time. But they also have a wide variety of other passions and interests.

Meet the team below and see who you’ll be working with from accounts, to property management, and maintenance.

Guess who loves the great outdoors, and who is the music festival fan... Get to know them all in the videos below.

Service Star Realty Company Photo
Kristie Teawalt » General Manager
As the General Manager, Kristie's primary role is to oversee the property managers and to focus on resident & owner satisfaction. One of the things she loves most about working at Service Star Realty is our ability to work as a team and how everyone is always striving to find efficiencies and figure out what is best for our residents and our owners. Kristie enjoys the outdoors, hiking, camping, and spending time with friends and family, enjoying everything that lovely Arizona has to offer.
Direct: 480-719-8101 E-Mail: Kristie@LeaseAZ.com
Michele Filener » Property Manager
Michele joined the team in 2020. Before this, she worked as a community manager and a portfolio director for assets for 15 years across Arizona and Texas. She loves working at Service Star because of the amazing people and the strong core values that are shared across the company.
Direct: 480-716-3344 E-Mail: MFilener@LeaseAZ.com
Michele Rozansky » Property Manager
Michele has 15 years of experience in multi-family and single-family homes. She is excited to work with owners and provide them with a high level of communication between them and their renters, as well as to help them grow their portfolio. In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her children and having fun with them.
Direct: 480-712-1216 E-Mail: mrozansky@leaseaz.com
Jenna Trottier » Property Manager
Jenna has been in the property management and real estate industry since 2006. She enjoys helping residents find their dream home through the leasing process. Jenna also thrives in assisting homeowners navigate the day-to-day needs of their investment portfolios. Jenna looks forward to working with her clients.
Direct: 480-612-8987 E-Mail: Jenna@LeaseAZ.com
Randa Wiseman » Property Manager
Randa has over 20 years of property management experience. Even with that experience, she appreciates the opportunity to nurture her professional development, and the systems that Service Star Realty has that offer training and additional knowledge. Outside of office hours, Randa spends time with family and friends enjoying the outdoors or going camping.
Direct: 480-863-6388 E-Mail: Randa@LeaseAZ.com
Rachel Cameron» Office Manager
As the Office Manager, she helps facilitate residents as they're moving in. One thing she loves about Service Star Realty is our ability to work as a team and resolve issues in a forward-thinking way. During the weekends, Rachel likes to take her dogs for a walk and explore Phoenix with her husband.
Direct: 480-666-9277 E-Mail: Rachel@LeaseAZ.com
Brittany Brewer» Resident Coordinator
I'm the Resident Coordinator, which means I will be that first face that greets you when you walk in the door. I also answer the phone, so I'll be that first voice you hear when you call. What I like about Service Star Realty is everybody here is kind of like a family. It's all close-knit, and everybody works together really well.
Direct: 480-426-9696 E-Mail: Brittany@Leaseaz.com
Kayla Nelson» Marketing Director
As the Marketing Director, her job is to monitor Service Star Realty's presence and brand. She ensures that the website and listings are presentable, accurate, and up-to-date. She also helps with onboarding new investors by helping answer questions regarding property management. What she likes the most about working with Service Star Realty is everyone in their team has sets of expertise, and they have a wide array of experience when it comes to solving problems.
Direct: 480-338-7219 E-Mail: Kayla@LeaseAZ.com
Ashley Bean » Business Development Manager
As the business development manager, Ashley’s job is to bring new investors to the company. She helps them by walking them through the sign-up process and ensures they have all their questions met with what to expect from a property management company. What she likes most about Service Star Realty is that her colleagues are friendly, awesome to be around, and they are like one big happy family.
Direct: 480-294-5300 E-Mail: Ashley@LeaseAZ.com
Richard Noeltner » Director of Sales
Richard handles the sales and acquisitions of Service Star Realty. He is also an Associate Broker of the company. He and his team accommodate potential clients on long-term objectives regarding their properties and the outlook of the marketplace. After evaluation, he provides the highest profit possible.
Direct: 602-799-9494 E-Mail: richard@realrichard.com
Carmi Alfonso » Marketing Assistant
Carmi Alfonso
Carmi brings ten years of experience in real estate marketing, creative development, and a commitment to work hard and collaborate to deliver results. Always friendly and thorough, she provides ongoing support to Service Star’s marketing and SEO initiatives, keeping the company at the forefront of the industry. As the Marketing Assistant, Carmi performs administrative tasks, conducts market research, and creates engaging content. She works closely with Kayla to develop compelling communications that speak to our customers and promote trust in our brand. Outside work, she enjoys going to the beach and spending time with friends and family, but she’s happiest at home with her son and their cat.
Bernadette Dias » General Manager's Assistant
Bernadette Dias
Bernadette began her venture into the field more than 8 years ago, providing Human Resources, Recruitment, and Administrative Support Services to both Property Managers and Realtors. Looking for a company that focuses on honesty, and whose values are in line with hers - taking the leap to join Service Star Realty was not a difficult decision. Bernadette is beyond excited to grow in her role and support our Property Managers, owners, and residents. Outside work Bernadette enjoys travelling, and being a 3rd culture kid - enjoys food, culture, and meeting new people from all walks of life.
Warren Estrella » Maintenance Manager
Warren Estrella
Warren has four years of property management experience under his belt. As the Maintenance Manager, he ensures that all maintenance work orders are completed while building positive relationships with both owners and tenants. Warren likes working with Service Star Realty because everyone in the team is engaged, and the company promotes a culture of teamwork and problem-solving. Outside of work, he enjoys spending time outdoors, fishing, camping, and playing Airsoft.
Direct: 480-930-4398 E-Mail: warren@leaseaz.com
Rolando Manio » Applications Specialist
Rolando Manio
Rolando is responsible for processing tenant applications and ensuring adherence to policies and procedures throughout. He is eager to address any questions or issues over the phone, and he will do it swiftly and effectively. He enjoys working with Service Star Realty because everyone strives to be the best at what they do. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the gym, playing basketball, and spending time with his family.
Direct: 480-660-5616 E-Mail: ApplyToRent@LeaseAZ.com
Alvin Bravo » Maintenance Coordinator, Home Warranty Specialist
Alvin Bravo
In his role as a Maintenance Coordinator and Home Warranty Specialist, Alvin is responsible for ensuring that all work orders submitted via the portal are dispatched and completed in the most efficient and timely manner possible. He appreciates working with Service Star Realty because of the sense of camaraderie and willingness to pitch in that pervades the organization. In his leisure time, he likes to cook and dine with his family and friends.
Direct: 480-426-9130 E-Mail: Maintenance@LeaseAZ.com
Planet Synergy
Planet Synergy
Planet Synergy is our reliable team that assists us in a plethora of essential daily, weekly and monthly tasks within our management software. Their reliable support maintaining our records allows our team to focus on what we value most: watching over our investor clients' Phoenix rental properties as if they were our own.