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How to Advertise Your Phoenix Rental Property Successfully


Your goal as a Phoenix rental property owner is to maximize the earnings from your real estate investment. You want to prioritize landing a top-quality tenant to achieve this. 

When there are no tenants in your property, this causes extra expenses with no income. It is vital to take action right away and advertise your rental home.

Even if you have an amazing rental, without an effective advertising strategy, you could still fail to attract the best prospective renters.

Rental Property Advertising

When preparing to advertise your Phoenix rental property, start by analyzing your property features and studying the demographics that best suit it. Then design a marketing plan and launch effective ads. When you have focus, you can gather a group of prospective renters. 

The clearer your marketing methods, the better the leads you attract, which provides you with excellent choices for renters. When you have great tenants living in your unit, your place is protected from damage while your earnings are consistent.

Here are tips you can apply to gain more property exposure for your Phoenix rental home:

Improve your photos

Great images have the ability to make us pause and focus more on the details. It leads us to read the associated copy with the picture. 

High quality photographs invite more interest so when posting an ad, make sure to place top quality images. It can peak interest for your property from prospective renters.

clean kitchen with nice amenities

Presenting professionally taken photos makes a difference. That is why top advertising agencies spend a long time doing photo shoots to perfect the details. A great photo can sell your rental to potential tenants. 

This is where effort correlates with the outcome. If you do not make a lot of effort with your pictures, then you can hardly capture the interest of the viewers. 

Photography Staging

Eliminating the clutter in your Phoenix rental home is the first step before performing a property photo shoot. You want to display a clean and refreshing living space where the renters can imagine the life they will be living in your unit. 

Keep things tidy not only in the interiors of your unit, but also the exteriors as well.

Photography Lighting

Natural lighting will always remain to be the best, so consider the time when shooting outdoors. Schedule the photo shoot during the "golden hour". The secret of great photography lies in capturing great lighting. 

At times, the weather can be gloomy or cloudy, so you can go for lighting kits to remove shadows and avoid blurry photos.

Write Excellent Copy

Your images work best when attached with outstanding property descriptions. It creates meaning and encourages people to learn more about the unit. Having excellent copy allows potential tenants to better understand the space before even coming to visit. 

someone typing copy at a computer

Here are the two most important sections of an advertising copy:

Craft the Headline

Creating headlines is vital when marketing your Phoenix rental home since this is the first thing that probable renters notice. Your headline must be accurate, informative yet direct to the point.

A good formula to follow for writing a headline for a rental unit is this:

Rent price rate + Number of bedrooms + Number of bathrooms + Property Type + Location + Best Feature

This formula engages the readers since it contains the details they want to know right away. They can avoid skimming the marketing copy if the location is not the place they want, or the rent rate is too high for their budget. 

It also highlights the best amenities of the property. 

Describe the Property

After completing the headline, you want to spend time making your Phoenix rental property description as interesting and specific as possible. 

Aside from the property photos, this is where you can provide important details and create an impact.

You need to make the reader want to live in your place using a charming description. Detail the amenities/features you offer, including the neighborhood. 

You can talk about the convenience to the nearest transportation hub, parks, schools and convenient shops around your area.

shaking hands and exchanging a house key

You can also mention your pet policy, who is in charge of paying the utility bills and if there is free parking, a pool, outdoor spaces, and laundry facilities. 

Stating the restrictions allows you to pre-screen new renters which saves up a lot of time. 

Renters who expect to bring their pets with them but are aware you are not accepting any, would save time as well and refrain from booking a property showing.

Distribute Your Ad

Finally, you should use the best distribution channels. You can release your Phoenix rental home ads in popular property listing sites online or choose to market in the classified section of the newspaper. 

Your strategy needs to evaluate where your target market is likely to be found. If not, your advertising plan can still fail. 

Avoid using just one marketing medium. You can hand out flyers, put up professional signs and place ads in magazines, aside from solely capturing an online audience.

Monitor Your Ad

You might think after posting your ad that your job is done. It is not. You must track your Phoenix rental home ad’s performance. Maybe you can change up the listing with a new set of photos to refresh interest. Active marketing leads to continually attracting a huge pool of potential tenants.

If you are not monitoring, you cannot measure how effective your ad is.

 person using a computer to change an ad

You can also use other strategies to get your advertisement to the most amount of people. Some spend on ad boosting which incurs an initial cost, but it can also provide rewards such as a shorter vacancy. With more views, it is easy to select the best renter. 

You can consider the added marketing cost as an investment, as long as it delivers great results.

Bottom Line

For your Phoenix rental home advertisement to stand out, you need to focus on producing the best photos and marketing copy, including planning the distribution channels. This can be overwhelming and time consuming. 

Consider reaching out to an experienced property management company like Service Star Realty. Our team is looking forward to helping you with your marketing needs!

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