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Top 4 Things Renters Dislike

Dora Pinter - Wednesday, August 15, 2018

The Top 4 Things That Renters Dislike

Whether you are renting a simple studio or a small villa, there are common frustrations that will keep a renter from picking your property. Broken appliances, old fixtures and hideous walls are just a few of the common issues. Renters hate finding a rental unit with dirty exteriors and old flooring because they want a comfortable place to call home. For your property management dreams to be successful, you have to avoid the most common rental pet peeves. Luckily, most of these issues will be fairly easy for an owner or property manager to fix.
 1. Rethink Your Flooring
 Renters want a home that actually feels like home. If the carpets smell or the linoleum is torn off, the home will look like a shack instead of a house. When you have fairly new floors, you just have to clean and polish them. For carpets, use a stain remover before steam cleaning them. If your carpets are more than five years old, then you might need to replace them. Make sure to replace any missing sections in the flooring and repair rips. All of your linoleum and tile should look clean and shiny. When you do replace the floors, pick a neutral-colored, stain-resistant or sturdy tile that will withstand the test of time.
 2. Replace Old Fixtures and Appliances
 No one wants to have a broken fridge or stove in their home. Your renter wants to find a property that has updated, working appliances. You do not have to remodel the kitchen and bathroom to make them look good. If the cabinets are showing wear and tear, repaint them and replace the cabinet pulls. Look at the faucets and handles to see if they need to be replaced. Buff out any scratches and tighten up loose knobs. If you can afford it, consider replacing old or falling apart appliances. Any reflective surface should be cleaned until it gleams brightly.
 3. Update Your Outdoor Space
 Curbside appeal is a huge factor for prospective tenants. Before you even list the property, make sure the outdoor areas are cleaned up. Put recycling containers and trash cans in an inconspicuous or hidden area. Make sure that trash and dead plants are completely removed. Check the exterior walls for chipped paint. If the window screens are ripped up, replace them. Your goal is to make sure that the property looks great from the moment prospective tenants pull into the driveway.
 4. Start Repainting
 One of the quickest ways to make a house look like new is by painting it. White is the standard color to choose, but you can try other neutral colors as well. A new paint job will make dim hallways and dark rooms appear brighter. Since this is a rental home, use a semi-gloss or satin paint because these options stain and scuff less. Flat paint should be reserved for moldings and ceilings that are less likely to be scuffed up. Before you finish your paint job, make sure to paint the trim along the floorboards for a finished look.
 With a little bit of extra work, you can make sure that your property appeals to prospective tenants. These inexpensive upgrades will help you get more applicants and a better kind of tenant

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