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Maintenance and Repairs 101: How to Handle Maintenance Issues for Your Phoenix Rental Property

System - Monday, July 24, 2017

Our experience providing property management in Phoenix has shown us that it’s very important to deliver good and fast maintenance service. Be responsive to your tenants because when it’s time to renew the lease, this will be a big factor in their decision. It is expensive for you when a tenant moves, so you want to make maintenance a priority. There are four things to think about when it comes to maintenance for your rental property.

Build a Team of Vendors

Gather all your contact information and develop vendor relationships before you get that call from a tenant. At the minimum, you’ll need an air conditioning person, an electrician, a plumber, and a handyman. You should also have a roofer, a pest control expert, and someone who handles floods, lead, asbestos, and any kind of emergency restoration situations.


You don’t want to wait too long to make your repairs. Not only does this affect your renewal rate, it also leaves the tenants to consider making repairs themselves. They can do this and then try to deduct the costs from their rent. This is a bad idea. You can’t control the quality of work.

Home Warranties

Home warranties can be a great idea. However, sometimes the warranty company can be slow to get to the problem. This can affect tenant retention and your service level. Also, it doesn’t work like insurance, so make sure you realize that you won’t be covered for everything. If there’s a leak, the warranty may take care of the plumbing problem, but they won’t patch your damaged drywall.

Licensing Requirements

Everyone working at your property has to be insured in case someone gets hurt or tries to sue you to cover medical expenses or disability. You also have to consider licensed versus non-licensed workers. You want to know where you can save money. Perhaps you don’t need to require a license when you’re looking for someone to paint, but you’ll want a licensed electrician to protect your property and yourself.

If you have any questions about maintenance and repairs or anything pertaining to Phoenix property management, please contact us at Service Star Realty.