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What Kind of Communication Can I Expect When Using a Property Management Company in Phoenix?

Dora Pinter - Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Communication is an important part of owning and managing rental property, and today we’re talking about what you can and should expect when it comes to communicating with your Phoenix property management company.  

Set Communication Expectations Early

Communicating your preferences to your property manager is a good idea. It allows you to establish up front what you want. You can be kept informed of every little detail that’s happening, or not be bothered at all unless there’s a catastrophe. Setting expectations is key to successful communication. 

Communication Depends on Activity

The amount of communication should also depend on your property and what stage of the tenant cycle it is in at the time. You should hear from your manager more frequently and less frequently at different stages in the lease. For example, while the home is being marketed, you’ll want weekly updates on how many people responded to ads, how many showings were scheduled, and whether any applications were submitted. Extra services are also nice. If your property manager provides video documentation from inspections or after maintenance is complete, you can watch the video and feel like you’re at the property. This too facilitates communication. 

Minimum Response Times 

Minimum standards should be having phone calls and emails returned promptly. You’ll always want to talk to your property manager right away, but you should at least have your calls and emails returned within a day. You’ll also want 24/7 online access to your account so you can see what’s going on with your property and your tenants. You’ll know if rent has been paid, if there are any outstanding bills, and you can inspect your monthly statements and year-end statement. 

Communication is the biggest key in a successful relationship with your property managerDon’t leave it to chance.  

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