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A Phoenix Property Management Guide to Swimming Pool Maintenance and Liability

Dora Pinter

Renting out a Phoenix property with a swimming pool can be a good idea. The summers are hot and long, and tenants may be willing to pay a little extra to live in a well-maintained home with a pool.

The problem isn’t the pool itself. For landlords, the problem is maintaining the pool and reducing the liability that often comes with swimming pools at rental properties. Drowning is a leading cause of death among children in Arizona, and that’s why you have to be really careful when you have a pool.

We’re sharing a few of the most important safety codes that you’ll need to pay attention to, and we’re recommending how to keep your pool and your property in excellent condition.

Phoenix Swimming Pool Safety

As a landlord, your liability and risk increases when you rent out a home with a pool. Before your tenant moves in, make sure you inspect and document the condition of the pool and the safety features it includes. Periodic inspections are also a good idea. This can protect you from a lawsuit and give you the peace of mind that your pool is safe and well-maintained.

A fence is required around the pool when children are present. Since you never know when you will or will not be renting to a family with children, you should have a fenced enclosure at all times if you have a pool. A five-foot fence is required at a distance of 20 inches or more from the water. Make sure the fence doesn’t have any gaps larger than 4” or holes.

If the pool is not fenced, you’ll need a pool cover and/or doors and windows that have a self-closing and self-latching feature. You also need to be careful and block access from the street to your back yard and install the legally required locks.

The Arizona legislature maintains a complete list of pool safety requirements. Familiarize yourself with those if you’re renting out a home with a pool.

Hire Professional Pool Cleaners

Your tenants may volunteer to care for the pool on their own, but we believe it’s the landlord’s job. There’s a risk involved in leaving your tenants to clean and maintain the pool. They may not do a good job, and then you end up with a pool that’s neglected and equipment that’s broken. This will cost you a lot more than professional pool cleaners.

Use a professional pool vendor with the appropriate licenses and insurance. If you get on a recurring service plan where they routinely clean the pool, inspect the structure, and test the water composition, you can save some money. It’s not improper to roll the cost of pool care into the monthly rent.

Hire Professional Pool CleanersThese are just a few considerations when you’re renting out a home with a pool. Deciding who is responsible for the pool care depends on you and your tenants, as well as any regulations or rules you may have in place from your HOA or community association.

For more information on pool safety in Phoenix rental properties, contact us at Service Star Realty.

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