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What Can Phoenix Landlords Do When Tenants Break HOA Rules?

Dora Pinter

We receive a lot of questions regarding HOA violations. Today, we’re explaining the three things you need to remember when you have a tenant who receives a notice from the HOA. 

Provide the Tenant with Homeowners Association Rules

Start by making the tenant responsible in your lease agreement for obtaining the rules from the HOA. Or, you can hand those rules directly to the tenant while you are signing the lease. Tenants need to know that they are responsible for following and maintaining the rules. They should also know that they’re responsible for paying the fines if those rules are broken. You need a strong lease agreement. 

Protect Your Income Property: Act Fast

If you get a violation notice from the HOA, act fast. The association will usually re-inspect every two weeks. So, notify your tenant immediately if you receive the violation. They may not be getting the correspondence from the HOA. Notify tenants in writing, via certified mail. This will provide proof that you sent it. This is important, especially if they don’t remedy the situation and you need to notify them again. At Service Star, we have a 10-Day Violation Form that we’d be happy to share with you. 

Follow Up with Your Tenants

Inspect the property after a violation has been received. Make sure the tenant took care of the problem. If they didn’t, you’ll need to send a second 10 Day Violation Form. For repeat infractions, you can terminate the lease agreement. You may not want to go that far if it’s a small violation, but if the tenant is breaking a rule that the HOA won’t tolerate in the long term, you may want to ask them to move.   

Set the lease up correctly, act quickly before there’s a fine, and make sure you’re persistent. Enforce the lease, inspect the property, and send strong notices. 

If you have any questions about HOA rules and your income property or anything pertaining to Phoenix property management, please contact us at Service Star Realty. 

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