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Rent Reporting to the Bureaus
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Pay to stay Program

Do you dream of owning your own home someday? The longer you stay with Service Star Realty, the more we'll help you make your home owning dreams come true!    

How to participate: Simply let your property manager know that you will be looking to purchase at the end of your lease term.

Asset Protection

We provide renters insurance coverage for you!

How to participate:    Nothing additional is needed from you, you will receive Evidence of Insurance on your move-in day.

Rent Reporting to the Bureaus

Did you know that if your on-time rent payments were reported, it could increase your credit score significantly? You can build credit history with rent payments. Ongoing reporting helps establish your good record.

So, what does an increase to your credit score mean in real-life terms?

How to participate:  Once you are a resident, you will receive an invite after your move-in day!


Looking to improve your credit for home buying?  There is no need to research other credit-repair options.  

How to Participate: Contact your property manager at any time during your lease term and we will make the introduction to the experts.

24/7 Emergency Maintenance

You may call us on weekends and at night and a US based person will answer and help troubleshoot any issues. Call 480-426-9696 ext. 101

Online Portal Access

Access your ledger, make ACH payments, submit work orders, send communication, and see all of your documents all in one place.