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The Number 1 Reason Rental Owners Fire Property Managers in Phoenix AZ

Dora Pinter - Friday, October 15, 2021

If you’ve ever thought about firing your Phoenix property manager, it’s probably for one of these reasons: 

  • Terrible or non-existent communication. 
  • Abysmal marketing which leads to long vacancies. 
  • Poor response to maintenance issues.

At Service Star Realty, we work with a lot of rental property owners and investors who come to us after having a bad experience with another management company. We can make things better, and today we’re looking at the most common reasons that owners like you fire their property managers.

Does one of these things sound familiar? If so, look for a management company that better meets your needs.

Terrible or Non-Existent Communication

The number one reason you might fire your property manager is communication.

Every single problem you may be having can be traced back to poor communication.

Your property management company should be responsive and accessible. If your property manager isn’t available to you, that probably indicates he or she is not available to your tenants either.

That’s dangerous, because tenants need to reach your property manager if there’s an emergency, and you need to reach your property manager when you have questions or concerns. When phone calls aren’t getting answered or returned and no one is responding to your emails and texts, you need to find a management company that takes communication seriously. It’s hard to trust people who refuse to talk to you.

Abysmal Marketing Leading to Vacancy

When your property manager doesn’t price your property competitively, you’re going to face a longer vacancy period. That’s a problem for your cash flow and your long term earnings.

There’s also the potential for overcorrecting and pricing the home too low. You don’t want to be left earning less than you could. Good property management means understanding the market and attaching a smart rental value to your property that’s competitive and profitable.

How are your marketing photos? Pictures are the most important part of your listing. Prospective tenants will scroll through those photos first. You’ll need engaging, preferably wide-angle shots and a detailed description. You will also want to make sure your property is advertised on more than one platform. Without ample exposure, you are missing out on a great majority of possible applicants.

Shooting a quick video of your property and placing it on YouTube with the right keyword optmization is also a must in today’s Internet-dependent world. Google owns YouTube and favors search results in video format.

If your property manager isn’t aggressive and strategic with marketing, it might be time to change. You need a marketing team that can keep track of applicants, collect feedback after showings, and manage an efficient and consistent application process.

Poor Response to Maintenance

When we hear about maintenance problems with former property managers, the complaints usually fall into one of two categories. Either the property manager isn’t protecting the condition of the home, and there’s deferred or unreported maintenance issues piling up, or there are outrageous maintenance costs and unnecessary repairs going on that’s causing higher bills and larger expenses for owners every month.

A balanced and smart approach to routine, emergency, and preventative maintenance is critical when you’re working with Phoenix property managers. You want to trust that important work is being done safely, correctly, and cost-effectively by licensed and insured vendors. You don’t want to pay for the same job twice, nor do you want to spend thousands of dollars on unnecessary cosmetic repairs.

Maintenance costsWhen you’re struggling with your Phoenix property management company, reach out to us at Service Star Realty. We can provide a better rental experience for you, your residents, and your investment property.